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Most cloud-based gen-AI performance stinks

Jason Li
March 08, 2024

As the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) burgeons, cloud-based solutions have become the cornerstone for deploying General Artificial Intelligence (genAI) models. However, a critical examination of the current landscape reveals a....

FlyteInteractive: Interactive development for machine learning models

Billy Yann
March 06, 2024

In the fast-paced landscape of machine learning (ML), the need for efficient and interactive development tools has skyrocketed. Traditional ML workflows often grapple with rigid structures, limited collaboration, and a lack of real-time experimentation......

Zilliz Cloud boosts vector database performance

William Tsu
March 03, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, the demand for efficient and high-performance databases has reached unprecedented heights. As organizations grapple with massive datasets and complex queries, traditional databases often struggle to....

Is AI Making Our Code Stupid? A Comprehensive Exploration

Jason Li
March 01, 2024

Within the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the transformative integration of artificial intelligence (AI) across various sectors stands out as revolutionary. Among these sectors, software development has...

Azure AI Studio: A Comprehensive Toolbox for AI Development

Jason Li
February 08, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), developers seek robust platforms that streamline the development life-cycle. Azure AI Studio emerges as a powerful and nearly complete toolbox within the Azure....

Exploring the Exciting Features of JDK 22

Billy Yann
February 06, 2024

Java, the versatile and widely-used programming language, continues to evolve with each new release of the Java Development Kit (JDK). With the arrival of JDK 22, developers are in for a treat as this release introduces....

The biggest bottleneck in large language model

William Tsu
February 03, 2024

In the realm of artificial intelligence, large language models have emerged as powerful tools, revolutionizing natural language processing tasks. From OpenAI's GPT-3 to BERT, these models exhibit remarkable....

Exploring the Revolutionary Features of Angular 17: A Kinder, Faster Angular

Jason Li
February 01, 2024

Angular, Google's popular open-source web application framework, has undergone a major transformation with the release of Angular 17. Packed with innovative features, this version focuses on enhancing developer experience, improving...

The Evolution of Multitenancy in Cloud Computing

Jason Li
Janaury 08, 2024

Cloud computing has revolutionized the IT landscape, offering organizations unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. At the core of this transformation lies the concept of Multitenancy, a foundational....

Humans vs. algorithms: Who -- or what -- should decide?

Billy Yann
Janaury 06, 2024

In the rapidly advancing landscape of technology, the debate surrounding decision-making powers — whether vested in humans or algorithms — has gained unprecedented prominence. As artificial intelligence (AI)....

How to apply design thinking in data science

William Tsu
Janaury 03, 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of data science, where technological advancements and user expectations intersect, the integration of design thinking principles can pave the way for transformative and user-centric....

Confidential computing in Microsoft Azure gets a boost

Jason Li
Janaury 01, 2024

Before delving into the recent enhancements, it's crucial to grasp the concept of confidential computing. At its core, confidential computing aims to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access, even when it is being...

Oracle Helidon 4 Java Microservices Framework stresses Virtual Threads

Jason Li
December 08, 2023

Helidon, the cloud-native, open-source set of Java libraries, is lightweight, fast, and crafted just for Microservices. With Helidon, Microservices can run on a fast web core, which gets powered by Java virtual threads...

Kotlin Upgrade advances K2 Compiler

Billy Yann
December 06, 2023

Recently, Kotlin have been working on a new frontend for their Kotlin compiler or K2. Here, the frontend of K2 has the ability to parse the codes while performing semantic analysis, data flow analysis, call resolution, and type interference...

The State of API Security in 2023

William Tsu
December 03, 2023

2023 marks a turning point as numerous business and security leaders are poised to grasp the full extent of their API security challenges. Over the last three years, organizations have favored flexibility and expansion....

The Best Open Source Software of 2023

Jason Li
December 01, 2023

With Open Source Software, one can inspect, modify, and enhance its source code, which makes it easier for computer programmers to work on it. The programmers enhance the source code by improving the...

Microsoft Loop Components and Collaborative Apps

Jason Li
November 08, 2023

The collaboration strategy of Microsoft has revolved around Teams for the past few years. Now, Microsoft has launched an app for collaboration among teams with much more productivity than before...

Data Science and Microsoft Fabric

Billy Yann
November 06, 2023

Recently, in Microsoft Build 2023, the Microsoft Data and Analytics Platform team announced the offering of a new service named Microsoft Fabric. The message of Microsoft Fabric is simplicity...

Dynamic configurations avoid Butterfly-Effect of App Changes

William Tsu
November 03, 2023

When an app gets developed, it comes with a configuration file. The configuration files need to be a part of application-build packages in-order to ship the applications....

The ways by which emerging technology transforms the health industry

Jason Li
November 01, 2023

Nowadays, technology drives many sectors, including healthcare. It keeps transforming the health industry through various innovations. The technological innovations keep finding better options to prevent and cure diseases...

ChatGPT and the future of human-computer interaction

Jason Li
October 08, 2023

There is no need for an introduction to ChatGPT. We all are aware of its existence and its huge potential. But, do we ever think about its future as a part of human-computer interaction?.

ChatGPT: the potential risks, the creation of deepfakes, and use for malicious purposes

Billy Yann
October 06, 2023

Nowadays, the internet and digital world are abuzz with excitement about ChatGPT, an AI-based chatbot system. It got developed and launched by OpenAI, and it uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate conversations...

The Upgraded Node.js adds environment-variable-configurations

William Tsu
October 03, 2023

While configuring Node.js applications, developers are required to pay close attention to several variables involved. The Node.js-configured applications are required to deploy in a particular development...

Life-Cycle Management in WebAssembly Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) by Cosmonic

Jason Li
October 01, 2023

Cosmonic, the WebAssembly Platform firm or company, recently raised a seed-funding to the amounts of 8.5 Dollars in a round, lead by another firm, Vertex Ventures. This seed-funding got used by Cosmonic to launch a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) version of its...

ChatGPT and the future of human-computer interaction

Jason Li
September 10, 2023

Software development will proceed much more quickly thanks to artificial intelligence, and continuous delivery will become regular. Processes and roles, particularly testing, will need to change.....

ChatGPT: the potential risks, the creation of deepfakes, and use for malicious purposes

Billy Yann
September 08, 2023

The popular Entity Framework data access technology is available in a lightweight, extensible, and cross-platform version called Entity Framework (EF) Core....

The Upgraded Node.js adds environment-variable-configurations

William Tsu
September 06, 2023

Achieving the ideal work-life balance has become a distant ambition for many in the fast-paced industry of software development where burnout and weariness are commonplace realities....

The looming battle over where generative ai systems will run

Jason Li
September 03, 2023

Although deciding whether to use on-premises systems or the cloud for AI may appear straightforward, it's actually far more difficult. It is increasingly clear that decisions are still being made about where the majority of generative AI systems will be housed...

Revolutionizing Development with GitHub Copilot X: The AI-Powered Experience

Billy Yann
August 14, 2023

GitHub's latest innovation, Copilot X, is poised to revolutionize the landscape of code development. With the utilization of cutting-edge machine learning...

How to use ChatGPT to brainstorm new blog post ideas

William Tsu
August 10, 2023

Nowadays, ChatGPT is not the unfamiliar one. Everyone possess enough knowledge regarding ChatGPT and it's potential to help the modern workaholic world in many ways....

Cython 3.0: The next generation of Python at the speed of C

Jason Li
August 05, 2023

Python is known for being among the most practical, well-equipped, and genuinely helpful programming languages. A Python superset that can be translated into C is called Cython....

How to use ChatGPT to improve your SEO

Billy Yann
August 03, 2023

In late 2022, ChatGPT emerged as a revolutionary force, captivating the internet with its capabilities. OpenAI, the brains behind this innovative AI language model,..

How to use ChatGPT to create chatbots

Billy Yann
July 14, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed numerous enterprises and ChatGPT is directing the mode in transforming the method we correspond with technology.....

The ground rules and policies for using ChatGPT at work

William Tsu
July 10, 2023

In the workplace, the use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT is growing in popularity. These tools can generate text, analyse and solve problems,...

Bootstrap 5.3.0 emphasizes dark mode, custom colors

Jason Li
July 05, 2023

A free and open-source front-end development framework called Bootstrap is used to build websites and web applications. Bootstrap offers a collection of vocabulary for template designs....

Latest Apple Xcode IDE improves code completion

Billy Yann
July 03, 2023

With Xcode 15, Apple has updated the code completion and compiler in its renowned Xcode IDE. New Vision Pro device development is also supported by the Xcode platform itself....

From ChatGPT to Killer Robots: Is AI too powerful?

William Tsu
June 16, 2023

A tipping point is strong-approaching for Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Machine Language (ML) models with the advent of ChatGPT by OpenAI for Microsoft and killer robots. Technology is frighteningly advancing at a rapid pace. The AI is currently able to modify its codes through some self-training....

The latest trends and best practices for integrating security into DevOps processes

Jason Li
June 09, 2023

The software development cycle keeps evolving. The DevOps process revolutionizes it by providing agile and fast-paced solutions. Earlier security was not much of a concern for DevOps processes. With the latest technological evolution in this software development field, the trend is to engage various best practices for integrating security into DevOps....

The Latest Innovations and Potential Risks of IoB in Collecting and Analyzing Behavioral Data

Billy Yann
June 05, 2023

Internet of Behaviours (IoB) is a group of research and development (R&D) that aims to understand the way people make purchases based on technology, when they make them, and why they do so. Among the disciplines that make up IoB are internet of things (IoT), edge analytics, and behavioral science....

The Future of Cloud Computing and Its Potential Benefits and Challenges

William Tsu
June 03, 2023

In a short period, cloud computing has made significant progress. The idea of cloud computing was introduced only a few years ago, yet it has already changed how businesses run. Thanks to cloud computing, companies may now access sophisticated computing capabilities without having to spend money on their hardware....

AI systems and training models used by Tesla and Waymo

Jason Li
May 15, 2023

Since their introduction, autonomous vehicles have been the focus of the media. The hardware installed on the car and the models it uses to drive itself are both technological wonders in today's autonomous automobiles....

Mapping people and tags on Mastodon

Billy Yann
May 08, 2023

There are several separate servers arranged according to topics, interests, and topics of interest in Mastodon, a decentralized social network. People can participate in conversations, follow one another, join servers, and perform a variety of other actions they might anticipate performing on a social network like Twitter....

Embrace and extend Excel for AI data prep

William Tsu
May 05, 2023

Excel is a robust tool that enables you to perform quick calculations and gain insights from the information collected from various sources, including marketing data platforms....

Cloud-based quantum computing lets startups compete with Goliaths

Jason Li
May 03, 2023

In the days of the supercomputer, these beasts capable of developing millions of instructions per second (MIPS) were prohibitively expensive. Supercomputers have incredibly high computational capabilities compared to general-purpose computers such as personal desktops and laptops....

ChatGPT obtains a unique update to enhance the accuracy of the AI chatbot

Billy Yann
February 13, 2023

ChatGPT is the delinquent in a succession of AIs that the company directs to as GPTs, an acronym that is placed for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.....

How Elon Musk's brain chip company “Neuralink” is changing the world

William Tsu
February 10, 2023

It's not a big surprise that Elon Musk seems to own companies such as Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter, which he recently purchased for approximately $44 billion. Did you also know that he leads a company called Neuralink that develops neural interfaces?....

Microsoft’s Azure hosted OpenAI language models

Jason Li
February 08, 2023

With technologies like Azure's Cognitive Services offering API-based access to pre-trained models, modern machine learning and AI research has quickly transitioned from the lab to our IDEs. There are numerous approaches to deploying AI services......

Microsoft launches a simpler & faster strongly-typed-JavaScript

Billy Yann
February 05, 2023

JavaScript (JS) is a compiled programming language used as a foundation for many software algorithms. It is lightweight and gets interpreted as a just-in-time compiled programming language with various first-class functions. JavaScript gets well-known as a scripting language used to design websites. Apart from the websites, developers use JS for several non-browser environments as well.....

Why ChatGPT is Even More Massive Than You Think

Niki Chang
February 03, 2023

Recently, ChatGPT was released for public testing by OpenAI on 30th November 2022 and created a blizzard on the internet. By December 4, OpenAI’s chatbot has broken all the records and had crossed 1 million users within one week of its launch. Why ChatGPT is even more massive than you think? ChatGPT is a conversational AI language model developed by OpenAI. This model is based on the GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) architecture and has been trained on a massive amount of text data from the internet....

Microsoft’s concise API design language

William Tsu
Janaury 16, 2023

Many institutions are working on discovering answers for how to create and govern APIs at scale, but when evaluating a design, reading a statement is seldom adequate; so invariably examine a use case to drive sure it skims obvious in context. There’s a benefit to Microsoft’s toil at scale in Azure: It will discover problems much early and decipher them extensively faster than the rest.....

A Guide to Building Your Own RSS Reader in R

Jason Li
Janaury 14, 2023

The RSS feed has been around since the late 1990s and is still one of the best ways to stay on top of multiple news sources. If you select the right feeds, your RSS reader will make it easy for you to scan headlines from various sources, keeping you up-to-date on what's new......

Eclipse GlassFish catches up with Jakarta EE 10

Billy Yann
Janaury 10, 2023

The pervasiveness of Java is one of the fascinating phenomena in software. Java has survived radical changes in the technology landscape as both a language and a platform, and its internal structure has changed in tandem.....

How to use symmetric and asymmetric encryption in C#

William Tsu
Janaury 05, 2023

Data security, precise with current communication grids, has come to be a monumental consideration, fleeing voids that could be influenced by catastrophic outcomes......

2022 Itlize Global Conference Trip: Highlights and Vision for the Future

Jason Li
December 24, 2022

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon furnishing on-demand cloud computing outlets and APIs to people, firms, and administrations, on a metered pay-as-you-go ground and is upgrading several of the AI assistance in its cloud medium with unique elements developed to support industries processing their database additionally efficient....

Wasmer 3.0 features a redesigned API and enhanced memory management

Billy Yann
December 19, 2022

Wasmer is one of several initiatives promoting WebAssembly on the desktop and supports multiple operating systems. The primary format for executing intelligent contracts is WebAssembly, and Wasmer is preferred for blockchain and cryptocurrency providers as the WebAssembly runtime....

Amazon Omics aims to optimize biological data analysis at the scale

William Tsu
December 15, 2022

Amazon Omics facilitates end-to-end omics hold, processing, and estimation by deducting the necessity for institutions to set up and sustain technical devices, workflows, and infrastructure.....

AWS adds AI features to Textract, Transcribe, and Kendra

Jason Li
December 12, 2022

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon furnishing on-demand cloud computing outlets and APIs to people, firms, and administrations, on a metered pay-as-you-go ground and is upgrading several of the AI assistance in its cloud medium with unique elements developed to support industries processing their database additionally efficient....

5 risks of AI and machine learning that modelops remediates

Billy Yann
December 04, 2022

The development, testing, deployment, and monitoring of machine learning models are all improved by Modelops. These pointers will enhance the effectiveness and usefulness of any ML initiatives by reducing model risk....

DataStax to offer Stargate V2 data API gateway via Astra DB

William Tsu
November 18, 2022

DataStax collaborates with any business enterprise to mobilize real-time data. It enables organizations to quickly design & develop the smart, high-scale applications that are necessary for a truly data-driven business...

The next-gen time-series engine of InfluxDB gets built on Rust and it supports SQL

Jason Li
November 14, 2022

Time series databases are based on programming an ordered sequence of values of any variable at equally spaced intervals. In short, it is a sequence of discrete-time data. Practical applications of time series databases include their prolific use in IoT devices....

Three Primo Cloud Gigs in 2023

Billy Yann
November 10, 2022

Cloud computing, the latest IT technology, has taken the world by storm through providing loads of data storage options in this modern era. In the USA, it started as a subscription-based service wherein people get a network storage space allotted to them by giant IT services companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon....

Literate Programming in GO

William Tsu
November 04, 2022

GO, started in 2008 by Google, is a project designed while waiting for the C++ program to compile. It is a half-truth based on research sources. It got conceived and designed as a solution to the dissatisfaction with the development environments used at Google.....

How to merge data in R using R merge, dplyr, or data.table

William Tsu
October 18, 2022

Data is never accessible in the desired configuration. Occasionally a join is cited as a merge and vice versa. Joining or merging refers to the procedure of conforming two data frames by either one or more pivotal variables i.e., horizontal merge, or by variable inscriptions or rows i.e., vertical merge....

Why developers hold the key to cloud security

Jason Li
October 14, 2022

Current cloud solutions assist to address the challenges of the digital era. With contemporary cloud economics, the cloud delivers industry integrity and curtails price, encouraging enterprises to accomplish their full industry capability with their cloud spending....

Various Open-Source Projects that transform both AI and Machine Learning

Billy Yann
October 10, 2022

Machine Learning and Deep Learning have revitalized the AI: Artificial Intelligence stream in this new era of technological development and advances. The techniques developed within these two fields aid us in analyzing more about improving intelligent AI machines.....

AI with DeepMind finds new ways to multiply numbers and speed up computers

William Tsu
October 04, 2022

With a fascination for human intelligence, DeepMind considers Artificial Intelligence; one of the best inventions ever done by men. A team of scientists, engineers, and ethicists came together at DeepMind with a committed mind to solve intelligence for advanced science that benefits humanity....

From Zero to Hero with Google's JAX, NumPy on accelerators

William Tsu
September 15, 2022

Google launched what it calls JAX, JavaScript Acceleration via Native Code on its cloud-based TPU product. This is a significant step forward for machine learning....

Acing Python Machine Language using Snowflake

Jason Li
September 05, 2022

Recent innovations illuminate that the Snowflake Data Cloud helps many business organizations with proper Machine Learning or ML initiatives. For better understanding, it is essential to recognize the general lifecycle of ML applications....

Learn the basics of Ethereum smart contracts

Billy Yann
August 12, 2022

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts via an open source protocol. Smart contracts allow developers to write rules that automatically execute when certain events occur....

Become a part of RStudio Conference 2022 remotely for free

William Tsu
August 08, 2022

RStudio has been holding conferences since 2011. As the leading community for statistical computing and data science, they bring together the community and offer talks from top experts in the field....

Amazon Releases Developer Toolkit for Building Custom Alexa Skills

Jason Li
August 05, 2022

Amazon has always been at the forefront of innovation in the e-commerce space, and Alexa has become its mainstay. With millions of devices activated around the globe, Amazon has created the largest AI assistant ever.....

Observability Tools Will Improve Legacy Software Quality

Billy Yann
August 01, 2022

Observability tools provide real-time insight into application behavior and performance. They enable developers, testers, and operations teams to identify issues before they cause problems or harm....

Databricks: Delta-Lake Data Lakehouse

William Tsu
July 20, 2022

The data Lakehouse refers to a new generation of open platforms, which unify both data warehousing and advanced-level analytics.....

TigerGraph Cloud's IAM capabilities makes easy to manage your data

Jason Li
July 15, 2022

The growing adoption of cloud technologies creates exciting new opportunities for developers, but managing access to data in the cloud can be challenging....

ECMA, Mozilla, ECMAScript, and JavaScript

Billy Yann
July 10, 2022

Recently, ECMA (European Computers Manufacturers Association) launched a more permissive JavaScript License that allows forks, which align with W3C Software Licensing; covering both HTML and CSS....

Deploying applications are effortless with Vercel and MongoDB Atlas.

William Tsu
July 05, 2022

The release of Vercel-MongoDB integration is a major development that will simplify and standardize the way data from different sources are stored in your database. ....

Get excited for copilot: GitHub's new AI assistant!

Jason Li
June 15, 2022

This summer, GitHub will be rolling out its new Copilot AI coding assistant, available to users of its paid plans. Software development company GitHub owned by Microsoft created it....

Compose desktop and mobile UIs with Blazor Hybrid apps

Billy Yann
May 18, 2022

The world of app development is very exciting and every day we come across the news of some new app being launched in the market.....

Streamline data transfers and incorporate file transfers into automated workflows

William Tsu
May 14, 2022

Workload automation is a pertinent part of digital modernization. A Stable Workload Automation solution is intended to guarantee that mission-critical work processes run as smoothly as possible. ....

Oracle Java popularity sliding, New Relic reports

Jason Li
May 08, 2022

There is no shortage of programming languages to pick from in today's software market. Because it is platform-independent and can transfer easily from one computer system to another,....

5 tips for choosing the right database

Billy Yann
May 05, 2022

Choosing the right database can be overwhelming given all the choices available as it is always important to capture diverse opinions when making a database decision....

Igniting Innovation with WSO2 Choreo

William Tsu
April 24, 2022

WO2 has released Choreo, a platform as a service that lets you quickly build APIs, services, and integrations. The WSO2 Choreo development environment enables developers to build cloud-native APIs,....

Targeting a key to automated testing

Jason Li
April 18, 2022

Every new software program, technique, or tool has some teething problems and requires patience to get acclimated to, but it's almost usually worth the trouble, which includes testing....

The new version of React 18 comes with Circumstantial Rendering, Automated Batching

Billy Yann
April 12, 2022

The new version of the react community, React 18, has finally been released after much anticipation and speculation about the major features this version will offer to developers and clients alike....

Points to consider while choosing a cloud data warehouse

William Tsu
April 07, 2022

A data warehouse (DW) is a type of digital storage that integrates and synergizes vast quantities of data from various sources. Its goal is to fuel business intelligence (BI), reporting, and analytics,...

How AI will shape our future lives

Jason Li
February 25, 2022

Recently, artificial intelligence has become one of the hottest technology and socioeconomic topic since Meta has unveiled its AI Research SuperCluster (RSC) supercomputer, aimed at focusing on AI research and helping the company build the metaverse....

2022 Top Technology Trend: Low Code & No-Code Platform

Billy Yann
February 21, 2022

Over the past year or so, low-code or no-code platforms have become well established. We consider low-code and no-code to be tools that allow you to build apps or automate workflows without coding....

The benefits of unifying API access through SQL

William Tsu
February 18, 2022

Microsoft SQL Server is an excellent choice for enterprises of all sizes and industries that require an enterprise-class relational database solution. SQL Server, which has been around....

Five significant Observability themes for the year 2022

Jason Li
February 14, 2022

The capacity to assess a program's inner world by looking at its outputs is known as observability. If the existing state of the system can be inferred solely utilizing data from outputs, such as sensor information, the system is said to be "observable."....

For the ease of testing, Android Studio Bumblebee launches a new Device Manager

Billy Yann
February 08, 2022

Android Studio is the leading integrated development environment (IDE) for generating Android applications, with a feature-packed code editor, debugging tools, emulators, and considerably more....

The App store connect API now provides new capabilities

William Tsu
February 03, 2022

Apple updated its App Store Connect API with new features, following the launch of the new App Store Connect experience. The new version is now accessible for developers, and it includes features such as increased flexibility, custom workflows, and other enhancements. ...

Can dynamic configuration avoid the butterfly effect of application changes?

Jason Li
January 21, 2022

Dynamic system configuration is the capacity to revise and extend a system while it is operating. The facility is a necessity in huge distributed systems where it may not be practical or economic to end the whole system to permit revision to part of its hardware or software. .....

Five core data architecture rules

Billy Yann
January 17, 2022

Data architecture is the foundation of any data strategy and no one controls data. It’s frequently duplicated erratically across networks, and the quality extends a broad range. It is a framework for how IT infrastructure benefits your data system. ....

The 5 Biggest Cloud Computing Trends in 2022

William Tsu
January 10, 2022

As companies adopt data-driven business models, remote and hybrid work environments, and global supply networks, cloud computing has become more popular than ever.....

Top 5 Emerging Technologies in Healthcare

Jason Li
January 06, 2022

Technology and healthcare are going hand-in-hand. Healthcare technology is going to reshape the industry from all sides and provide more advanced and efficient patient care. Healthcare organizations are supposed to keep up with healthcare technology trends not only to stay competitive but to also be able to provide the best possible patient service.....

GitHub will necessitate 2FA for some NPM registry accounts ‌

Billy Yann
December 22, 2021

With the recent breaches of security incidents that distress the prominent NPM registry for JavaScript packages, GitHub necessitates 2FA (two-factor authentication) for the maintainers, comptrollers, and administrators of NPM’s collective packages....

Understanding the concept of Cryptography

William Tsu
December 15, 2021

Cryptography expands more and more emphasis in our everyday lives. Each one of us uses this technique, whether consciously or not. Whenever you log into an application or got to send an email, you are depending on an innovative cryptographic substratum that is alighted principally from advances in the 1970s.....

Emerging technology trends and 1 solution to thrive them

Jason Li
November 26, 2021

Technology encircles almost everyone in contemporary society is growing at such a quick pace affecting both work and leisure activities. Allowing quick change and advancement, resulting in an acceleration of the speed of shift, until ultimately, technology, is running to become exponential. Technology is always assessed as a ticket to a nation’s economic advancement. Innovations in technology can authorize for more creative use of limited or insufficient resources.....

How to pull from Git, to create a docker image, and upload the image? ‌

Billy Yann
November 22, 2021

Docker Hub is a service rendered by Docker for finding and allows sharing container images with your group. It is the world’s immense repository of container images with a collection of content sources involving container community developers, open-source projects, and independent software vendors (ISV) building and disseminating their code in containers....

F#6 of Microsoft upgrades ease performance

William Tsu
November 15, 2021

F# 6, an advance to Microsoft’s open source, multi-paradigm, programming language, is currently available. The new version promises to make F# simpler and boost performance, ranging from the language design, tooling and library, with the primary objective of demounting unnecessary hurdles on the path to adoption....

New attacks make it easy for hackers to take away and spoof Digital Fingerprints

Jason Li
November 05, 2021

While fingerprinting has been a privacy-intrusive technique for users, it can pose a "potentially devastating and hard-to-detect threat" to user’s security. That’s why academic professionals from U.S. University developed a new fingerprint-capturing and browser-spoofing cyber attack dubbed Gummy Browsers. They forewarn how easy the attack is to carry out and the dangerous implications it can have.....

New App Store marketing tools now available ‌

Billy Yann
October 21, 2021

Tech giant Apple has put in several unique marketing tools for App Store developers looking to boost their applications and this modern marketing method bring it simple for developers to formulate marketing aids. This can include banners and images to promote and improve their applications and services. App developers can operate a new Apple web tool to produce promotional portrayals on the fly. ....

PostgreSQL 14 brings performance boosts

William Tsu
October 15, 2021

PostgreSQL, a resourceful data management system recognized for its dependability and robustness, privileges from over 25 years of open source development from a global innovator community, and has become the best open-source relational database for institutions of all extents. PostgreSQL 14 takes a blend of attributes that enable builders and officials to deploy their data-backed applications.....

Helpful do's and don’ts of data visualization

Jason Li
October 11, 2021

Data sets are valuable only when people can clearly understand them. Data visualization is one of the best ways to display large amounts of information when done right. It displays data simply as well as intuitively. However, to make sure that visualizations are effective, it is important to avoid a few all-too-common mistakes and follow a few standards....

Python‌ ‌3.10‌ ‌New‌ ‌Features‌ ‌

Billy Yann
October 04, 2021

Python, a general-purpose programming language, is similar to that of JavaScript, C++, C#, and Java. It is simple, flexible, and easy to understand and learn. Frequently used by Data Science Community, it is suitable for a higher level of abstraction, as required by the DevOps Programmers. It can run in any type of Operating System, mainly in the big three that include Windows, Linux, MacOs......

WebAssembly (WASM) and 12 language compilers riding on WASM

William Tsu
September 15, 2021

WebAssembly or WASM, a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine, is designed as a portable target for the compilation of high-level languages such as C#/C++. It enables deployment on the web for both client and server applications. The WASM is a set of primitive instructions, which gets compiled into executable code running on a platform-agnostic and stack-based virtual machine....

AWS CloudFormation adds disable feature in automatic rollback

Jason Li
September 08, 2021

A recent update in AWS CloudFormation facilitates users to promptly retry stack operations from the thrust of failure. CloudFormation is an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) service that extends users a simple means to shape a batch of suitable AWS and third-party resources, condition them shortly and consistently, and govern them throughout their life cycles.....

Low code, the future of digital transformation

Billy Yann
September 03, 2021

According to market authorities, low code results will be in the spirit of trends like hyper-automation, real-time optimization of network operation, and enhanced consumer function techniques. Low code depicts a strong opening for today’s brands because it expresses the necessity for an improving digital atmosphere. Complex custom-code requisitions don’t fit the agility and speed that firms want today.....

Windows 11 - A Win for Developers

Jason Li
July 12, 2021

Windows 11 is an impending significant variant of the Windows NT working framework created by Microsoft. The Launch being declared on June 24, 2021, this is going to be the replacement of windows 10 which was introduced to the cyberspaces in 2015. With a much-guaranteed experience than the predecessor versions Windows, 11 claims to have worked on the plan and client experience which can easily enable your efficiency and rouse your inventiveness....

Github unveils copilot : an AI coding assistant for Visual Studio Code

William Tsu
July 07, 2021

The software giant MICROSOFT has brought an AI to GitHub which helps in creating a smart programming Copilot tool. It has been previewed that this new Visual Studio Code is designed in such a way that it can support the programmers for a smarter and faster way to write codes using AI technology with OpenAI. This Copilot works as such it takes the context from the specific code which is being worked on and auto-suggest it with functions and also whole lines.....

How to maximize the ROI of your Agile transformations?

Billy Yann
June 25, 2021

A makeover is something that should not be evaded in any organization for its progression. Such a renovation is possible with the assistance of Agile transformation. Like its name suggests, Agile transformation transforms an organization to an agile outlook. An alteration of the organization by Agile transformation is completely based on agile principles.....

2021; Top Technology Trends

Jason Li
June 22, 2021

2021, the information age has already eyed a whole lot of technological advancements. In this epoch, our lives are getting more and more simple with the evolution of technology. In this pandemic-hit world, a lion’s share of people, who are swaddled at homes are gifted with the opportunity to get connected with the world through screens.....

Win32 APIs are available to more languages. Know more!

William Tsu
June 14, 2021

The Windows API, or the Win32 API, forms the original platform for all native C/C++ Windows Applications, which require direct access to Windows, and hardware. The Win32 API Platform is best for all applications that require the highest level of performance as well as direct access to system hardware....

How to transform JavaScript development using popular tools

Billy Yann
June 7, 2021

JavaScript is one of the most prominent unique web technologies. As the JavaScript skills evolve, the websites will enter a different dimension of power and creativity. JavaScript itself is fairly compact, yet very flexible. An exotic era of bundlers and build tools is challenging the inertia of “good enough” tools. ...

Magic ways to become efficient in Machine Learning

Jason Li
May 22, 2021

Machine learning is a study of computer language which automatically improves through experience and by the usage of facts. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seen as a part of machine learning. Machine learning algorithms form a representation on sample data, called training data. This is done to make predictions or choices without being explicitly programmed to do so.....

Packing safety intelligence into robots' AI brains

William Tsu
May 14, 2021

The term AI was begat in 1956, yet AI has become more famous today on account of expanded information volumes, advanced algorithms, and upgrades in storage and computational power. Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it....

What is an API gateway? API simplicity and stability

Billy Yann
May 7, 2021, 2021

API gateway is the software patterning that sits in front of an application programming interface (API) and is the single-entry point for defined back-end APIs and microservices which can be both internal and external to facilitate requests and deliver data and services. It is the answer to a major outcome of the microservices architecture style: the proliferation of services and their interfaces. ...

8 Ways to Jump-Start Your Machine Learning

Jason Li
April 26, 2021

Machine learning is the very latest big thing that is going to reign the world. It is the technique to scrutinize and consider data for mechanizing analytical model building.....

The pandemic-driven rush to cloud is compromising security

William Tsu
April 22, 2021

Cloud, the logical pools for securing data in digital form, this model of computer data storage is called cloud storage. The providers of cloud storage are accountable to set aside the available and accessible data....

DirectML to add machine learning to Code C

Billy Yann
April 15, 2021

Accelerating your AI tasks has always been simpler with GPUs. Everyone among the billion windows 10 users worldwide has agreed to this too. Modern-day GPUs have grown themselves much from that of a mere graphic device.....

Cloudera SQL Stream Builder

Jason Li
April 10, 2021

Cloudera expands its Dataflow streaming integration platform with rich SQL-based event stream processing capabilities. It pervade in Cloudera's streaming platform conditioning an avenue for SQL initiators to suspect streaming information. Earlier, Cloudera Dataflow was reachable only to Java, Scala, or Python programmers.....

CockroachDB 20.2 features and benefits

William Tsu
March 29, 2021

CockroachDB 20.2, the latest release of the cloud-native initiates a Kubernetes operator, spatial data, a new storage engine and SQL enhancements. CockroachDB 20.2 also fortify CockroachDB Core, the freely available and open-source version of the database.....

Cyber security in 2021

Billy Yann
March 22, 2021

The cybersecurity statistics disclose a massive expand in hacked and breached data from sources that are progressively familiar in the place of work, like mobile and IoT devices after the spread of the pervasive virus. ...

Working with Azure Image Builder

Jason Li
March 17, 2021

Cloud migration is the norm amongst businesses that handle a vast amount of data on a daily basis. Standardized Virtual Machine (VM) images allow business enterprises for performing cloud migration while ensuring apt consistency in deployments....

Entity Framework Core 6 plans take shape

William Tsu
March 10, 2021

Microsoft developed an entity framework for .NET applications for automating all database-related activities for your applications. Before the arrival of .NET 3.5, the developers used to write Enterprise Data Access Block or ADO .NET code for saving/retrieving application....

3 Ways to Experiment with Text Analytics

Billy Yann
February 25, 2021

Quantitative data uncover trends, insights, and patterns. Text analytics automatically translates large volumes of unstructured data into quantitative ones. By combining text analytics with data visualization tools, businesses begin to understand the true story behind numbers....

14 Ways AWS beats Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Jason Li
February 20, 2021

One of the widely used cloud computing services, AWS, offers numerous featured services from data centres globally. Millions of customers use AWS owing to its low costs, more agile nature & faster innovations. With most functionality, AWS is the leading cloud platform to-date!...

Dynatrace replaces DevOps with NoOps

William Tsu
February 16, 2021

In 2012, Dynatrace, a software intelligence company, started working on a new-angle of seamless automation from software development to production. Its major goal was to shift codes from development to production in an hour compared to a day (24 hours).....

ETL vs. ELT: What's the Difference?

Billy Yann
February 11, 2021

Data gets collected & managed from a variety of sources that aids in providing meaningful business insights. Apart from storing a vast amount of data, data warehousing gets used for connecting & analyzing business-data; a wonderful way to bring all the necessary data together. It forms the core of a Business Intelligence (BI) system that gets developed for data analytics.....

Azure Cosmos DB

Jason Li
January 27, 2021

As is known, the new generation applications of today require to be highly responsible and always online. Instances of these applications need to be deployed in data-centers to achieve low latency as well as high availability. The applications respond to real-time for bringing about large changes in usage at all peak hours with storage increasing volumes of data,.....

Predictions for Cloud Computing in 2021

William Tsu
January 22, 2021

The public cloud vendors do tend to assert & cement their dominance as all enterprises work by generating hybrid clouds, open-partner ecosystems, PaaS, and augmented realities. In this latest technological era, cloud computing gained response and became the centre-piece of the world's technical response to the COVID-19 crisis. With "work-at-home" becoming a norm, all principal cloud providers substantially grew their revenues by delivering innovations at a strikingly blistering pace much like a blitzkrieg!.....

Microsoft brings .NET dev to Apache Spark

Billy Yann
January 14, 2021

The general-purpose distributed processing engine of Apache Spark is designed for analytics over large data sets. These large sets of data include typically petabytes or terabytes of data. Apache Spark is usually used for processing real-time streams,.....

Visual Studio Features vs. VS Code

Jason Li
January 06, 2021

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) from Microsoft, the Microsoft Visual Studio is extensively used in developing computer programs. Various websites, web-apps, services & mobile APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) get developed along with Windows forms,.....

Top 7 UI Responsiveness And Performance Testing Tools

William Tsu
December 26, 2020

We are living in an information-rich digital world; and on a daily basis, we interact with different types of content that are available through various devices such as smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, etc.....

Angular UI Testing Tools

Billy Yann
December 16, 2020

The initial version of Angular referred to as Angular.JS got released in 2010 as a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework.The main goal of Angular involved making the development of single page web applications easier.....

Solving Query Optimization in Presto

Jason Li
December 11, 2020

Presto, an open-source distributed SQL (Structured Query Language) query engine, run interactive & analytic queries against various data sources of numerous sizes ranging from gigabytes to petabytes.......

Azure Cosmos DB goes serverless

William Tsu
December 08, 2020

Recently, Microsoft added new options to its cloud-scale database. What does this have to do with Azure Cosmos DB? Well, Azure Cosmos DB forms one of the foundation platforms that power many of its key services.....

Next.js 10

Billy Yann
November 26, 2020

Next.js is an innovative technology designed for gradual adoption. Using Next.js, programmers can continue using the existing code as well as add React as they need. Moreover, the users can avoid a complete starting small or incrementally adding more page's rewrite....

Frameworks Google GPipe and Microsoft PipeDream

Jason Li
November 19, 2020

In recent years, Microsoft & Google, have been working on developing new models to train deep neural networks. Two brand new frameworks got launched as a result, which got referred to as Google GPipe and Microsoft PipeDream....

Nokia has won a NASA contract worth $14.1 to set up 4G network on Lunar surface

William Tsu
November 13, 2020

According to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, the Space agency must quickly develop new technologies to realize the goal of astronauts working at a lunar base by 2028....

Scientists Develop 'Mini-Brains' to help Robots Recognize Pain & Self-Repair

Billy Yann
November 06, 2020

The modern era is loaded with technological advances, surprises, and inspirations. The latest technology in robotics points out a way by which, the robots get integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI)....

Protection of User Secrets Using Secret Manager in Core

Jason Li
October 28, 2020

In ASP.NET Core, any code in the project can be checked into some code repository using the 'user secrets' of Microsoft. This API was recently introduced to keep sensitive data out of the project folder.....

Microsoft taps LLVM for Quantum Computing

William Tsu
October 21, 2020

The compiler framework helps with programmatically generating machine-native codes. The compiler framework has also made it easier to combine & roll new languages that aid in an increased output while enhancing the existing ones.....

Rapid UI Development with Flutter for Windows

Billy Yann
October 15, 2020

One of the biggest news in the software world is that Google's cross-platform user interface tool arrives on Windows. The user interface tool serves as a support for a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Win32.....

Apple's Swift Language comes to Windows

Jason Li
October 8, 2020

Swift language, developed by Apple, is a powerful programming language. A simple language, which the programmers love, Swift gets used for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and other operating systems of Apple. The attributes associated with Swift include it being powerful & intuitive.....

The new features and changes in Java 15

William Tsu
September 28, 2020

The most common application platform and coding language in the world, Java 15 (Java SE 15) has been released on 15 September 2020. Few significant feature highlights of JDK 15 include a foreign-memory access API, text blocks, previews of sealed classes, records, the Z Garbage Collector, pattern matching, and hidden classes.....

Google Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP) help you modernize your cloud applications

Billy Yann
September 24, 2020

In its recent Cloud Next On-Air digital conference, Google announced the inception of a new Google Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP). From now on, the application modernization journey becomes easier for businesses!....

Method chaining and Fluent interfaces in C#

Jason Li
September 12, 2020

You can now make your code understandable, simple, and readable by taking advantage of method chaining and fluent interfaces. You might notice that source code sometimes becomes so complex that it is difficult to maintain or understand while working in applications....

Open Sourcing of cloud IDE platform by Gitpod

William Tsu
September 05, 2020

Gitpod, one of the top development environment technology providers, has recently open-sourced its self-named cloud-based IDE platform. This facilitates the automatic spinning up ready-to-code development environments....


Billy Yann
August 26, 2020

OpenAI, an AI (artificial intelligence) company opened in 2015 by many partners including Elon Musk, promotes artificial intelligence through open and cooperative models....

Cypress – the next generation testing tool

Jason Li
August 19, 2020

Cypress website is considered as a next-generation front-end testing tool that is built for the modern web. In other words, it is an open-source tool. Cypress helps to test anything that runs in a browser. Moreover, the ecosystem of cypress consists...

Microsoft azure well-architected framework

William Tsu
August 13, 2020

Microsoft has launched its Azure Well-Architected Framework that aids users to build and develop adequate solutions that enhance the quality of cloud workloads. The Well-Architected Framework offers technical efficiency for workloads with five pillars of development.....

Android Studio 4.0 adds Build Analyzer and Motion Editor

Billy Yann
August 08, 2020

The latest version of the official IDE for Android mobile development, Android Studio 4.0, has now reached the stable channel stage. It had added update features capabilities such as a Build Analyzer as well as a new Motion Editor.....

The Emergence of DevTestOps: Automating QA throughout Development

Jason Li
July 29, 2020

A combination of DevOps and continuous testing referred to as DevTestOps. The DevTestOps process includes early testing, thorough examinations & often assessments. This continuous testing gets done throughout the software development pipeline.....

GitLab 13.0 Emphasizes Security

William Tsu
July 18, 2020

Git is a control system that is beneficial to track alterations in computer files. The primary function of Git is to manage the alterations in multiple projects within a period. This helps to coordinate work within the team and tracks the progress of work.....

Oracle unveils Helidon 2.0 for Java Microservice

Billy Yann
July 09, 2020

Oracle database is developed and marketed by Oracle Corporation an American multinational computer technology corporation. It is a relational database management system and is known as Oracle DB, Oracle database, or just Oracle....

Redis 6: A high-speed database, cache, and message broker

Jason Li
July 04, 2020

The thought of Redis as only a cache is out of the picture with the launch of Redis 6. Redis is a BSD licensed open source and functions as a database, cache, message broker, and as an in-memory data structure store that can endure on disk....

E-Commerce Framework: Overview And Comparison

William Tsu
June 17, 2020

E-commerce framework is associated with software frameworks to ease out e-commerce activities and applications. E-commerce framework provides an appropriate atmosphere to develop e-commerce platforms and activities quickly and effectively....

Amazon Web Services (AWS) can now use Google Cloud Anthos; Azure to follow!

Billy Yann
June 09, 2020

Workloads that are run on the cloud platform of Amazon Web Services (AWS) are now supported by Google Cloud Software of Anthos. A deployment software of Anthos efficiently manages the Kubernetes workload across various cloud and on-premise (on-prem) environments....

Major R language update brings big changes

Jason Li
May 17, 2020

'R' refers to the language and environment that is used for statistical computing and graphics. It provides numerous varieties of statistical and graphical techniques. The extensive techniques include linear and nonlinear modeling, time-series analysis, clustering, and classification....

Cython - Python at the Speed of C

William Tsu
May 08, 2020

A high-level, general-purpose programming language with a design philosophy that emphasizes code readability. Python intelligently uses a significant white-space. Programmers use Python for creating or writing clear, logical codes for both small as well as large-scale projects....

Tips For Effective Working Remotely

Billy Yann
April 23, 2020

Technology has advanced at an immense rate in the past decade. In today's world, we eat, sleep, learn, and grow holding the hands of technology and modernity. Distances are mere concepts today; we have connections all over the world that are accessible within a click....

DevOps: A Deeper Look

Jason Li
April 15, 2020

The design, development, and operational teams use DevOps in building, testing, deploying as well as monitoring applications with adequate speed, high quality, and excellent control....

GitLab vs. GitHub: What are the key differences?

William Tsu
April 10, 2020

As is well known, DevOps comprise a set of practices that helps in automation of web or mobile app development through certain processes between software development as well as IT teams....

What SEO has to do with web development?

Billy Yann
April 04, 2020

Optimization of search engines such as Google or Yahoo, to name a few, aids in increasing both the quantity and quality of website traffic. This process gets done as the visibility of the keyword-based search results gets improved through search engine optimization....

16 ways to improve your code after it's finished

Jason Li
March 21, 2020

As said by Don Knuth, "premature optimization is the root of all evil", as it is absurd to devote time to improve the sections of code that performs occasionally. As you have summed up your coding, it is the right time to incite a profiler and check for the hot spots...

JFrog introduces new Universal DevOps Platform

William Tsu
March 14, 2020

Development and operations (DevOps) combine software development practices with IT operations. This aids in minimizing the launch time of any mobile or web applications....


Billy Yann
March 12, 2020

Deno is the Google runtime engine for JavaScript, which is secure and built on Google V8. It is a cross-platform for writing network applications using JavaScript and TypeScript. Ryan Dahl is the creator of both Deno and Node.js. He developed Deno to fix the mistakes and issues of Node.js and guarantees a secure environment for modern development....

Microsoft reveals Visual Studio plans for 2020

Jason Li
March 9, 2020

Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the most popular integrated development environments launched by Microsoft. It is greatly accepted and used by developers across the world to create computer applications and programs in state of the art standards....

Neo4j 4.0: Aims better scalability, security, and performance

William Tsu
February 27, 2020

The databases that use graph structures for queries and analytics that are contextual. Semantic queries help in retrieving information based on syntax. These queries deliver precise and clear results that answer fuzzier and open matched questions via pattern-matching as well as digital reasoning....

7 Best Practices for managing a multi-cloud environment

Billy Yann
February 21, 2020

Nowadays it is essential to create a multi-cloud environment as computing and storage purposes can be served via this process in single network architecture. A multi-cloud environment refers to the distribution of cloud assets, applications, and software spread across several cloud environments....

A brief idea on Angular and what's new about this web-framework platform

Jason Li
February 14, 2020

Angular, a platform for mobile and web applications, is an open-source framework based on the TypeScript language. This framework created by the Angular Team at Google along with a community of expert individuals and corporations. Designing of Angular done as a complete rewrite of AngularJS (based on JavaScript language)....


William Tsu
February 8, 2020

With the development in Machine learning technology performance of onerous tasks has become easier and effortless. This has thoroughly impacted the growth of any organization. Through Machine learning; electronic devices can carry out their operations using step by step procedure known as algorithms....

How to improve CI/CD with shift-left testing?

Billy Yann
January 31, 2020

DevOps enables various organizations and firms to deliver applications and services at high velocity. This ensures the firms to evolve and improve their products at a faster pace than other firms. The latest technology in DevOps is adept in combining software development with IT operations. The collaboration aids in reducing the launch time of...

Sketch2code at Microsoft AI Lab

Jason Li
January 22, 2020

Any website designers or website developer's sole responsibility is to successfully perform creative work by developing an interactive user-friendly layout, which can give the best UI/UX (User Interface Design/ User Experience Design). During recent times, Microsoft had announced a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) project termed as Sketch2code.

Python Visualizations in Power BI Service

William Tsu
January 16, 2020

Power BI is a powerful business analytical tool than can retrieve data from one or more business operating systems and combine it in a repository. The repository may include a data warehouse, where large data is collected from varied sources within a company to provide meaningful management decisions.

Big Data vs. Data Science

Billy Yann
January 11, 2020

Data is everywhere and is considered the most important thing in the human world. With people using different kinds of data every minute, a large number gets generated that cannot be processed effectively. The size is so huge that, it cannot be stored in the memory of a single computer; so, it needs to be segregated effectively or utilize for something else that is significant. This forms the basis of big data.

Application Security Specialist for the Specific Sectors

Jason Li
December 16, 2019

An application security specialist should be appointed to oversee every aspect of applications with the help of a team. This designated person with his ⁄ her team can monitor a list of applications that might develop vulnerabilities. These applications will require oversight and guidance for their proper functioning.

7 benefits of Digitization in the Healthcare Industry

William Tsu
December 14, 2019

Data is far and wide; moreover available in different forms. If you consider producing a meaningful use of it, then you must digitize them. Digitization is the procedure of converting raw information into an electronic format. Through this configuration, information is structured into independent units of data that can be addressed individually.

5 Things to Consider to Leverage Patient Data Collection in Healthcare

Billy Yann
December 7, 2019

Patient data collection is a vital cog in the healthcare industry. It is a very systematic process, which is an essential entity. This process involves gathering, analyzing, and interpreting different types of information from various distinct sources. In the healthcare industry, data collection can be categorized into two areas.

Is Vue.js the right pick for your next app?

Jason Li
November 29, 2019

JavaScript framework is used as a base to create many modern software applications for websites and mobiles. The first two projects to be built using the JavaScript framework was jQuery and Mootools library.The basic function of the JavaScript framework is that it provides a user-friendly API (Application Program Interface) that interacts with the browser.

Why augmented reality is becoming mainstream, in the Manufacturing industry?

William Tsu
November 27, 2019

Augmented reality is the latest technology that blends digital & analog worlds, for the ease of workings in the manufacturing industry. Augmented reality offers more ideas as well as opportunities for entrepreneurs to lighten their work-load while improving the quality of products. 3D models could be referred to as one of the initial augmented reality tools, which were used in the manufacturing industry.

Bot Architecture on Azure Explained

Billy Yann
November 15, 2019

Software technology has been on the rise in the 21st Century. The latest technology in the mix is bots. Websites are employing intelligent robots or bots to deal with potential clients and customers. These bots provide a customized experience in which, the clients or customers feel they are dealing with an actual person rather than an intelligent robot.

Tips to Design Microservices Architecture

Billy Yann
October 30, 2019

Microservices architecture can be equated to a human body. Just like different organ systems work independently yet together in unity for the survival of a living being, microservices aids in the proper workings of a monolithic architecture. Since most of the mobile and web development applications are designed as monoliths, it is essential to know more about crafting microservices.

Reasons behind the Boost of Cloud Technology

Jason Li
October 24, 2019

Almost everywhere, in every business, we see the shift of technological infrastructure from legacy systems to cloud technologies. The most appealing reason for the cloud boom is nothing but its simplicity, low–cost and scalability. New market studies show that cloud computing is the future of every enterprise.

Distributed monolith vs. Microservices Architecture

William Tsu
October 16, 2019

A mobile or web application in a microservices architecture is presented as many small discreet components that are connected. This is a style of Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and so, is built using services of SOA. However, applications that are developed using SOA are found to have technical integration issues.

Quick Techniques to Enhance Application Security

Jason Li
October 14, 2019

Security features that can be developed tested and added to prevent any unauthorized access,modifications or unforeseen vulnerabilities. These security measures help app developers to protect software codes from being hijacked or taken away without proper permission or authorization.

How digitization & technology is revolutionizing small businesses

Jason Li
September 30, 2019

Digitalization is the use of digitized as well as normal digital data for improving all aspects of business processes such as creating revenue & digital culture. The digital information is the core of this business culture.

Common Mistakes when implementing IoT

William Tsu
September 25, 2019

IoT highlights the smartest way possible for humans to lead a life by making everything convenient & easy; in a way simplifying the complexities of devices or machines that people use.It helps in making business transactions transparent to both the organization & customers.

7 Do’s & Don’ts of Custom Software Development

Jason Li
September 21, 2019

The process of creating a customized version of any software that aids a very specific set of users, functions or organizations is referred to as custom software development. It is a process of developing tailor-made software for a specific purpose.

The Best-Distributed NoSQL Database

William Tsu
August 30, 2019

NoSQL can technically be referred to as a Non-Relational or Non-SQL Database that provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data permanently and can accommodate a wide range of data models.

Business Intelligence vs. Business Analytics

Jason Li
Aug 27, 2019

Business intelligence with analytics gives a complete picture of how to approach a market & stay afloatAnalyzing data through various processes and taking the appropriate measures to boost the business is referred to as business analytics.

6 Exciting Reasons To Choose Python For Data Analytics

William Tsu
August 22, 2019

Python can be used to develop both web and desktop applications of varying complexities.The ever-growing popularity of Python surpassing other programming languages is the evidence.

What is Interactive Data Visualization?

Jason Li
Aug 16, 2019

Interactive data visualization is depiction of vast amount of data through programs that simplify the understanding process of these data. The basic tool for data interpretation used to be various graphical interpretations of data, which included a basic pie chart, a scatter plot chart, a box graph plot and ultimately the 3D model of various graphical representations.

Where should you use Artificial Intelligence and why?

Billy Yann
Aug 09, 2019

Artificial Intelligence as a simulation of natural intelligence with the help of machines. Artificial Intelligence is going to replace the majority of humans in performing their work.

How Augmented & Virtual Reality rule the business?

Billy Yann
July 26, 2019

The two relative technologies, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are re-shaping every business sector giving new dimensions for the way we shop, play and work.

Which Is The Right Technology Choice While Developing A Client Mobile App?

Jason Li
July 25, 2019

IT market is a comprehensive space where we could get the best line-up of innovative technologies that take your businesses to the next level.

IoT, The Technology That Connects The World

Jason Li
July 24, 2019

An innovative internet revolution that is going to touch every walk of human life is IoT.

React Vs Angular: Head-to-head comparison

Jason Li
June 27, 2019

Which one to choose between React and Angular? Well, to use Frameworks and libraries in a much more productive way, first we need to get to know its silent features and then its special benefits of using in the front-end development.

Influence of chatbots on your business

Billy Yann
June 28, 2019

ChatterBot is a name for conversational programs coined by Michael Mauldin, the master brain behind the first Verbot, Julia created in 1994.

CICD, all you need to know

Jason Li
June 28, 2019

Companies shipping software are increasing tremendously these days. The main challenges faced while shipping software into the customer's hand is lack of consistency and the need for extra work with human labor.

Why use Node js?

Jason Li
June 05, 2019

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform technology designed to build faster and scalable real-time applications. Node.js is built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.

Blockchain booming technology

Billy Yann
June 05, 2019

Blockchain has acquired an impactful grip for becoming a tremendous technology which helps to attain decentralized future with real-world use cases.

Cloud based technology highlights

William Tsu
June 05, 2019

The cloud computing has been ruling the industry since two years and regardless of the data pointing to the business efficiencies