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Innovative financial solutions that brings higher return on investment and lower risks

Drive revenue growth and reduce risk to the minimum with advanced analytics solutions from Itlize. Itlize not only helps craft a data-driven strategy, but has the mathematical expertise to deliver on the most important business questions financial services organizations struggle with.

Our customized financial solutions help financial institutions improve their insights into massive data collected over years.

The responsibility of any company is to provide investors with healthy returns. This is done by investing in different instruments which might provide healthy growth of capital. Data has a huge role to play in reducing risks and increasing returns. Thus, financial institutions have been investing heavily in data collection technologies and have detailed transactional and consumer-level streams. Collecting this data isn't enough to provide business-changing insights. Predictive and prescriptive analytics and machine learning algorithms must be applied to these data streams to extract insights and drive value for the customer.


Customer Sentiment Engine

  • Builds algorithms around market sentiment data (e.g. Twitter feeds) that can short the market when disasters (e.g. storms, terrorist attacks) occur.
  • Tracks trends, monitors the launch of new products, responds to issues and improves overall brand perception.
  • Analyzes unstructured voice recordings from call centers and recommends ways to reduce customer churn, up-sell and cross-sell products and detects fraud.

Automated Pre-Diagnostics

  • Implement discipline to documentation, design and architecture to drive down cost and drive up technology innovation.
  • Embed software architecture design patterns, technology platforms, frameworks, methodologies and references architectures to the enterprise's technology culture.
  • Iteratively designs, evaluates and optimizes application architecture to expedite business transitions.


Spoof Detection Engine

  • Scores and identifies fraudulent transactions disguised as genuine transactions.
  • Reads suspicious patterns and evaluates probability of collusion prior to manual investigations.
  • Simplifies fraud detection and risk compliance by reducing the manual process by 92%.
  • Improves spoof and collision detection accuracy.

Master Loan Engine

  • Evaluates customer loan application and determines best fitting product rates.
  • Automates loan origination and validation and reduces process time.
  • Predicts credit default and reduces risk of default in advance.