Itlize's Story

Building a Platform that Matters

We started Itlize with a mission - build a platform that can help businesses incorporate technologies easier. And every day we ask ourselves, "how can we use our talents and technical resources to make business easier and improve the business community and contribute to public?" For us, the value in what we do isn't tied to the sophistication of our process and tool; it is tied to customers we help and the solutions we improve.

Why us

With today's dynamic business challenges, Itlize will work with you to deliver a custom solution that meets your specific business needs. We provided customized application development, data-driven business insight service, predictive analytics solutions and services, and talent acquisition services to our business customers. Our goal is to build an ecosystem to deliver resources and solutions to future state of business growth. By identifying our customer's known pain points and unknown demands, we go beyond the business-as-usual way of technological implementation to provide right-on-the-spot actions that will lead to the best outcomes. It is the combination of an ultra-high vision into the future and effective execution of delivery that have made Itlize a successful consulting partner in Finance, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry verticals.


Amerisource Bergen

Barclays Capital

Hub Group

Nomura Securities

American HomePatient

M & T Bank

Molina Healthcare

Morgan Stanley


National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

Fortress Investment



T Rowe Price

UnitedHealth Group