Why Us

At our heart, we are an IT consulting company. We provided customized application development, data-driven business insight service, predictive analytics solutions and services, and talent acquisition services to our business customers.Our goal is to build an ecosystem to deliver resources and solutions to future state of business growth. By identifying our customer's known pain points and unknown demands, we go beyond the business-as-usual way of technological implementation to provide right-on-the-spot actions that will lead to the best outcomes. It is the combination of an ultra-high vision into the future and effective execution of delivery that have made Itlize a successful consulting partner in Finance, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry verticals.

The next generation solution more precisely and comprehensively foresees customer trend, behavior, revenue stream, and risk; and it is the only one of its kind to deliver recommended actions that improve business outcomes.

What Itlize provides?

Financial Institutes

Helping financial institutes identify customer segmentation, reduce default risk, prevent fraud and collusion, and improve operation efficiency


Helping healthcare organizations reduce the cost of care, enhance resource allocation, minimize payment errors, and improve community health effort.


Helping life science research organizations reduce clinical image reading complexity and time, enhance image data recognition accuracy. reduce operation process and cost, and improve clinical trial study quality.
Data Points used by predictive data engines
Customers benefited from improved solutions
Services and solutions
Form the foundation of future